Brian Allen may well be the best American modern jazz trombonist that you’ve never heard of. Allen’s lack of
exposure probably has more to do with his choice to live and work in southern Texas than anything else. Every
so often, he sallies forth from his home base at Brazosport College, near Houston, to work with avant-jazz
luminaries such as Mark Dresser, Satoko Fujii, Ellery Eskelin, and Dave Ballou. The fifth in Allen’s impressive
series of self-released CDs, “Synapse” is a daring bass-free trio with two of New York City’s stalwart
improvisors; tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby and drummer Tom Rainey. Allen displays extraordinary control
and command of the trombone, and has rapidly developed into a distinctive modern jazz stylist. The presence
of Malaby and Rainey on any session – free improvised or otherwise – ensures a pretty high likelihood for
inspired playing and worthwhile listening. Rainey is the best known of the three, not the least for his
ceaselessly creative, endlessly inventive playing in Tim Berne’s and Simon Nabotov’s various ensembles.
Malaby is quickly becoming a top-shelf jazz tenor saxophonist. His gruff ‘bull tenor’ sound hearkens back to
players like Clifford Jordan, Booker Ervin, and Billy Harper, yet his solos belie the patience and attention to
detail that I associate with ‘cooler’ players such as Joe Henderson, Jim Pepper, and Joe Lovano.

“Synapse” is a freely improvised set divided into eight distinct pieces, none of which settle into predictable or
linear patterns. On any given track, gentle solo musings or impromptu trombone - tenor chorales may give way
to a sort of stripped-down mutant funk with either Allen or Malaby strutting out in front, or to broiling post-Ayler
collective improvisation, before shifting to pointillistic, contrapuntal ant-music of the sort championed by UK
improvisors. Solos, duets, and trios form, twist, and disperse to create an ever shifting tapestry of
improvisation. Though all three players do some really jaw-dropping stuff throughout “Synapse”, Rainey’s
drumming is what ties the whole thing together. His choices are nothing short of perfect throughout this CD –
muted toms and cymbal scrapes provide warm counterpoint to Allen’s thoughtful trombone on ‘Meloncem’, his
stop-and-start hi-hat snare drum tattoo crackles like a practical-joking Roy Haynes on ‘Alphren’, and his
flexible, mutable approach channels and focusses Malaby’s and Allen’s seething energy on ‘Espancino’.
Hopefully, these guys will continue to work and develop this potentially amazing trio. “Synapse” is a fine
example of jazz-based free-improvised music. ~ Dave Wayne

Sphret, Meloncem, Expecade, Briesrok, Alphren, Tageshif, Tenrayle, Espancino

Brian Allen – trombone
Tony Malaby – tenor saxophone
Tom Rainey – drums
from Jazz