solo music and special ensembles
Since 2000 I have performed and recorded my solo trombone music, part
composed, part improvised.
In 2008, I completed an international solo/masterclass
tour of over 20 universities, ending at the 2009 Big 12 Trombone Conference at
Texas Tech University. This year marks the beginning of my new program playing
the music of Thelonious Monk.

Sometimes, in conjunction with educational events, I perform my music with student
ensembles (like
here and here with Oklahoma State).Sometimes I join forces with
local musicians. Solo music has taken me from the Pauline Oliveros Foundation
(Nameless Sound) to the Buddy Holly Center, and back home again.
see a short solo promotional video
see the 2008 tour documentary video

I have taught across the US, Mexico and Europe, giving workshops at Berklee
College of Music, Harvard University, Luzern Conservatory, Jazz Institute at Anton
Brucker University (Linz), Prague Conservatory, UNAM, Boston University, Florida
State University, Arizona State University, Big 12 Trombone Conference, College of
Santa Fe, Oklahoma State University, Arkansas State University, University of
Alabama, University of North Texas, University of Houston, University of Texas at
San Antonio, Anderson University, Hunter College, Tarleton University, Texas
Christian University, Stephen F Austin University, Brazosport College, Towson
College, Incarnate Word University, New Mexico State University, Denver Metro
State, St. Louis Low Brass Collective, UNAM Colima, and over 30 middle and high
schools.  My masterclass entitled "Listen to Yourself: Deepening Artistry and
Technique Through Improvisation and Ear Training" is designed to help performers
of any instrument and genre to improve their musicianship and artistic concept.  I
am happy to address topics including sound, fundamentals, jazz, improvisation,
composition, arranging and ensemble playing. Since 2003 I am an artist/clinician
for the Edwards Instrument Company.

brainkiller - NEW RECORD ON RARE NOISE 2013!
w/Jacob Koller (keyboards) and Hernan Hecht (drums) create a wildly original
universe owing as much to Monk and Zeppelin as Xenakis and Cobain.  "Despite all
manner of diversions and mood changes, the direction never seems to change.
And when they're over, I feel like I've just been told a short story." - Pitchfork
see the amazing video by Anton Octavian of "Last Mask"
or this one where we're confronted by an Italian Cruise Ship
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Music and poetry performances. Radio shows. Calendarios, postales, camisetas,
libros, comida y señales de humo por Guadalupe Galván y Brian Allen. Our first
book is entitled "Vals", published by Editorial Praxis, in a bilingual edition. Pen pal
letters from two people who just want to write.
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brian allen || hernan hecht
The duo creates anthems for last place soccer teams, jams for alien big band
dances, and songs for calculus teachers. Augmenting their respective primary
instruments of trombone and drums, Brian and Hernan employ all manner of
electronics: 8 bit sounds, samplers, melodica and various other noisemakers. The
duo's CD "Vitamina Hueipi" is a download only card made from the seeds of
flowers, which will grow wherever you plant it.
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brian allen w/tony malaby and tom rainey
w/Malaby (tenor saxophone) and Rainey (drums), Melodies, textures and rhythms
emerge and vanish, with the music weaving effortlessly in a multi-dimensional
spacious swirl between the three like-minded improvisers.  "Synapse" was released
in 2006 in conjunction with an extensive tour.

“Their mode of expression is ruggedly free-form, but with a high degree of
collective sensibility.” Nate Chinen New York Times

"The two horn players exhibit a natural ease with multilinear improvisation, whether
creating instantaneous structural gambits for one another or simply blowing full-
speed ahead in tandem" Peter Margasak - Downbeat

"Backbeats surging out of nowhere, spars of skittering melody, rising tenor waves
stopped short by cymbal scrapes and plaintive gulps.” Clifford Allen - Paris

braindreamer: brian allen and jacob koller
The long-standing duo integrates acoustic and electronic sounds in an
experimental, conceptually eclectic approach. 2010 marks 10 years of collaboration
and a new CD (
see a little movie about it).

"The Duo creates hypnotic landscapes that gallivant through freewheeling jazz,
avant-classical and art-rock territories." - Phoenix New Times
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brian allen mexican quartet
with Armando Martin (guitar) Arturo Baez (bass) and Hernan Hecht (drums).  
Making their debut in Merida, Yucatan Mexico, this quartet was formed in
conjunction with a grant from Meet the Composer Global Connections for Brian to
collaborate with Mexican musicians on his compositions. Heavily rock oriented, the
quartet creates surreal collages of melodies and rhythms.
see mexican quartet videos on YouTube
tokyo, japan may 2010
austin, texas september 2007
w/malaby and rainey
austin, texas march 2006
merida mexico january 2007
w/Oklahoma State Trombone Choir,
October 2012
cover, amplified solo trombone CD
"six years L8R"
trombone outlaws of Arkansas